Tips voor dragen sieraden

Tips for wearing jewelry

3 common mistakes when wearing jewelry

Choosing good jewelry can sometimes be difficult. Do you always choose the right one or can you use some tips for wearing jewelry? We tell you 3 common mistakes when choosing jewelry.

1. Wear the same jewelry every day

Even I know how easy it is to make a habit of wearing the same pieces day in, day out and almost never taking them off. But it’s a good habit to break for a few reasons.

First of all, your daily jewelry gets dirty in places you don’t see or notice, because changes are made slowly. Especially some parts of the earring are hidden behind the earlobe and can cause an infection.

You should take off your everyday pieces regularly to clean them thoroughly with some warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush. I recommend doing this every one or two weeks.

Besides, you will get bored and nobody wants that. So think about the jewelry you have in your collection and how you can regularly use more of it.

If you don’t have a lot of jewelry, or if your collection has some flaws, come up with a plan to add more over time, including of course the right time of the year to give your loved ones a big hint.Buying jewelry that doesn’t fit well.

Draag niet elke dag dezelfde sieraden

2. Ignoring less is more

We all hope that jewellery will appear both valuable and attractive at the same time, but too much jewellery will have a negative effect on the overall aesthetic appearance. If all your beauty tries to stand out at the same time, no more jewellery will stand out.

Too many things are always wrong, this is also the case with jewelry. Because of the old concept of “less is more”, you need to know which clothes to wear and when. The right jewelry and the right clothes can always give amazing results. Therefore, instead of wearing too much jewelry at the same time, it’s better to choose jewelry that fits your clothes.

3. Buying jewelry that doesn’t fit well

It is important to choose jewelry of a suitable size and color. When buying a bracelet, make sure that the length fits around your wrist, the same goes for rings, anklets and necklaces. Also take a good look at where you buy your jewelry online. Check out our tips for buying jewelry online.

Another important aspect that is often overlooked is that a piece of jewelry should match the undertones of your skin. For skin types with cool tones, light colored metals (such as platinum and platinum) are best. For neutral tones, both white and yellow metals can go perfectly with skin tone and complexion. The warm undertone is best used in combination with light yellow metals such as rose gold, brass and gold.

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