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Tips for buying jewelry online

You can buy almost anything online, but do you really need to buy beautiful jewelry or watches on the internet? You can shop online for almost anything in modern life, but it will still sometimes feel uncomfortable for expensive purchases.

At the same time, compared to traditional shops, online shopping has a larger offer and prices are usually better. Whether you are looking for gifts, engagement rings or a gift for yourself, you should be able to rely on your purchases.

That’s why we’ve put together 6 tips for you.

1. Do research on the jeweler

Before you start checkout, make sure you buy from a reputable company. Always read online reviews and check links to official review materials such as Trustpilot, Kiyoh and Google Reviews. Also remember to send the seller an (online) message with your questions. Honest sellers will give you honest answers to every question about jewelry and potential purchases.

2. Buy from a known jeweler

With webshops popping up everywhere, many unscrupulous people are opening stores to deceive unsuspecting online buyers with poor quality jewelry. To avoid pitfalls, you can shop at a reputable (web) shop. Read reviews and recommendations and do a thorough background check with the jeweller.

3. Read the shipping and returns policy

Before you purchase online, you should review the seller’s shipping and return policies. If you are buying expensive jewelry, make sure you take out insurance for the value of your items. You should also make sure you fully understand the return policy. The website can return most items, but certain items (such as old and new items or items that have never been worn) may be excluded from this policy. This information must always be clearly displayed in the item list.

4. Read the warranty carefully

Find out if the product you are considering comes with a warranty from the manufacturer or from the seller/seller itself. When buying jewelry online, this warranty must cover all defects for at least one year. If this is not offered, you may be hooked for any repairs that are beyond your control.

5. Find out what your size is and the range of sizes on offer

Knowing your mates is very important, especially when shopping online. You first need to understand the sizes of the jewellery on offer. You will find rings measured in American sizes, European sizes, millimeters, inches and many other ways. Before you buy, you need to make sure you understand the exact measurement standards on offer. If you don’t know the standard ring size, you can always ask your local jeweller for your finger size. Here are more tips for wearing jewelry.

Are you very much in love with a piece of jewelry, but you can’t find it in the right size? Then you can often order it and send it to a local jeweller to have it made to measure.

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